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Horizontal Drilling: Cost-Reduction Initiative 2015

With oil prices falling to a five year-low in December 2014, the attention of operators working in unconventional plays in North America has turned to how they can reduce the cost of their operations to ensure they remain economical during periods of oil price volatility. As the horizontal drilling phase of unconventional operations represents one of the highest cost drivers, it has now become vital that drilling professionals ranging from drilling engineers to VPs of drilling understand what they can do to minimize the cost of horizontal drilling campaigns.  

Reducing the cost of the drilling phase of horizontal operation is therefore now the top priority for E&Ps working in unconventional oil and gas plays such as the Bakken, Eagle Ford, Permian Basin, Marcellus, Utica, Woodford, Niobrara and others.
Focusing exclusively on the horizontal drilling phase and designed specifically for drilling professionals, the Horizontal Drilling: Cost-Reduction Initiative 2015 will provide the first ever platform focusing specifically on practical solutions for reducing the cost of horizontal drilling operations. It will provide cost-reduction solutions for every cost-intensive component of drilling operations, including specific cost-reduction strategies for drilling muds, overall BHA design, casing design, rig selection, drill bit selection, directional tools, LWD and MWD optimization.

All of these cost reduction strategies will be specific to horizontal drilling operations and will combine to provide a practical toolkit for drilling professionals for creating an overall strategy to drive down the cost of their horizontal drilling operations.

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100% FOCUSED ON COST: The first initiative to be 100% focused on cost reduction for the drilling phase of horizontal operations, responding directly to the industry's most pressing need in a time of oil & gas price volatility.

SPECIFIC COST REDUCTION SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY PHASE OF HORIZONTAL DRILLING: The only initiative to provide in-depth cost-reduction strategies for every key component of horizontal drilling operations, showcasing specific cost-reduction opportunities at the level of drilling muds, overall BHA design, drilling rigs, drill bits, directional tools, LWD and MWD and explaining how they can be translated into an overall horizontal drilling cost-reduction plan.

GATHERING THE TRANSFERABLE DRILLING COST REDUCTION CASE STUDIES FROM EVERY KEY PLAY: The only initiative to provide a play-by-play breakdown of the top horizontal drilling cost-reduction strategies coming out of each play, including the Bakken, Eagle Ford, Permian Basin, Marcellus and more, with an emphasis on the lessons which are transferable between plays.

GEARED DIRECTLY TOWARDS DRILLING PROFESSIONALS: The only initiative designed specifically and exclusively for drilling engineers who are working in unconventional oil & gas plays, with every on of the 20 sessions tailored to their job-title specific needs.

100% FOCUSED ON ONSHORE, HORIZONTAL DRILLING: The only initiative entirely dedicated to the drilling phase of horizontal operations, allowing the agenda to go into minute detail on solutions for every component of horizontal drilling operations.

100% E&P LED: The only horizontal drilling initiative to be 100% led by operators, with every presentation coming from a leading E&P working on horizontal operations.

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With oil prices falling rapidly towards the end of 2014, drilling engineers working in unconventional plays are under increased pressure to ...

...find practical solutions for reducing the cost of horizontal drilling to ensure operations remain economical in times of oil price volatility. To help with this, drilling professionals from leading unconventional operators in North America will be gathering together for the first ever initiative 100% focused on specific cost-reduction solutions for horizontal drilling campaigns. For the first time, E&P speakers at the Horizontal Drilling: Cost-Reduction Initiative 2015 will provide case studies pinpointing the technical advances that are having the biggest impact on reducing the cost of horizontal drilling, focusing on:

OVERALL HORIZONTAL DRILLING COST-REDUCTION STRATEGIES: Providing play-by-play case studies on successfully reducing the cost of the drilling phase of horizontal operations to determine the key cost control lessons that can be applied across plays

LATERAL LENGTH ECONOMICS: Quantifying how well economics are impacted by lateral lengths to determine the cut off point at which increasing the length ceases to yield sufficient rates of return

COST-EFFECTIVE DRILLING MUDS: Matching the right oil-based, synthetic oil-based, water-based or brine-based drilling mud to the right horizontal well to reduce operational costs

COST-EFFECTIVE BHA DESIGN: Examining how to optimize overall BHA design to drive down the costs of horizontal drilling whilst maintaining optimal performance

COST-EFFECTIVE CASING DESIGN: Choosing the optimal size, weight, grade and connection for reducing the time and cost of running casing for horizontal wells

COST-EFFECTIVE DIRECTIONAL TOOLS: Examining how advances in mud motors and rotary steerable tools can contribute to driving down the costs of horizontal drilling operations, extending the limits of conventional directional drilling

OPTIMIZING THE DRILLING PHASE FOR COMPLETIONS TO REDUCE THE OVERALL COST OF HORIZONTAL OPERATIONS: Delineating ways in which drilling engineers can ensure horizontal wells are drilled in a way that maximizes the ease of completion

COST-EFFECTIVE RIGS & BITS: Evaluating how advances in rig mobility and the latest drill bits emerging on the market can contribute to reducing the time and cost of horizontal drilling operations

REDUCING COST THROUGH EFFECTIVE USAGE OF MWD & LWD TOOLS: Applying advances in MWD and LWD tools to stay in the zone and prevent unnecessary expenditure


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